POC VPD System Light Elbow Protektoren

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POC VPD System Light Elbow Protektoren - Bild 1
POC VPD System Light Elbow Protektoren - Bild 1
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VPD System Lite is our mostventilated protection yet. Combining breathability with low friction and high impact absorbency certified to the European EN16211, level 1 standard, this 3Dmolded elbow protector delivers confidence, comfort and protection for every trail rider. With a mesh fabric on the inner, and large ventilation channels across the protector, the elbow pads wont cause overheating. Reinforced fabric on the outer means they can withstand impact after impact without sustaining damage.

    3D molded VPD protection
    EN 1621-1 certified shock absorption
    Large ventilation channels which ensures extreme ventilation
    Mesh fabric on the interior optimizes moisture management
    Sleeve constructed with a reinforced fabric in the front panel for a precise and secure fit

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