Our leasing partners

We work with most of the well-known leasing companies in the field of service bike leasing. This means that we can ensure that you can lease your desired bike from us without any problems. If your leasing partner is not on our list, please do not hesitate to contact us. In our overview, you can simply click on a leasing partner to get more information.

How can you lease a bike?

If you would like to order your company bike online from us, simply place the desired bike incl. accessories in the shopping basket and select "Leasing" as the payment method. Please tell us in the information field for which leasing partner you would like an offer. You can then send the order.

What information do we need from you?

JobRad: Mail address only (minimum value 749€)

Businessbike: Mail address, telephone number(private and/or business), employer ID and date of birth (minimum value 500€)

Bikeleasing: Mail address, phone number, company code or Bikeleasing user ID (minimum value: 649€), are Premium+ and/or Inspection+ packages also desired?

mein-dienstrad: Mail address only (minimum value 595€)

Deutsche Dienstad: Mail address or user ID (minimum value 750€)

Lease a Bike: Order code, which all-round protection package is desired? (minimum value 500€)

Eurorad: Token for the transmission of employee data

Eleasa: Mail address (minimum value 594,99€)

Würth Bike Lease: Order code (minimum value 749€)

Company Bike: QR code (minimum value 489€)

Benfits & More: Please contact us!

Rad im Dienst: Service code

Please also note that a bicycle lock worth at least 49€ (depending on the lessor) must also be leased. If you already own a lock, proof of purchase is sufficient in the event of an insurance claim. Depending on the lessor, we cannot offer bikes that have already been reduced with the full article discount due to commission payments.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any further questions about leasing a company bike, please do not hesitate to contact us!